As a recognized executive and leadership advisor, Dianna has developed a unique advisory framework that blends her vast subject matter expertise in higher education with novel leadership development and coaching methodologies. Dianna has guided hundreds of professionals in expanding their capacity to lead with executive presence. Engagements include:

  • Individual executive coaching, leadership development, and career advisory services;
  • The development of specialized courses for leadership institutes;
  • The development of custom leadership advisory services for presidents, provosts, vice presidents, and deans; and
  • The development of retreats and workshops for presidential cabinets and boards, leadership teams (academic, administrative, and research institutes), and aspiring leaders. Sample topics include: Expanding executive presence, developing cohesive teams, consensus building and collaborative decision making, leading with emotional intelligence, and conflict management.

Develop a custom blueprint for your individual career success in higher education:

An investment in your career begins understanding how your leadership strengths and situational blind spots translate into executive presence. Questions to consider:

  • How well does your assessment of your leadership skills align with the perspective held by campus leadership, peers, work colleagues, or direct reports?
  • How well do your emotional and social skills inform how you make decisions or respond to workplace challenges?
  • How does your intellectual capital and ability to translate complex concepts into consumable communication contribute to your leadership capabilities?
  • What action steps/ accountability tools will help you get to your next position?

Dianna’s 25-year expertise in guiding colleges and universities in planning and assessment initiatives informs her unique approach to executive coaching. Concurrent to consulting experience, Dianna has advised 100s of individuals on leadership and career strategy. The focus is on the individual first – with added insight for how unique higher education attributes influence the ability to expand leadership presence and position one’s self for career advancement.

Dianna is certified to administer the EQi 2.0 and Hogan Leadership Assessments.

Higher Education Coach: Academic & Administrative (VPs & CIOs) Leaders

  • Individualized coaching to polish executive presence and expand leadership skills.
  • Strengthen strategic influence and credibility on campus and beyond.
  • Guidance for building a high performance team.
  • Prepare for the first 90 – 120 days in a new academic institution.
  • Understand leadership strengths and possible derailers through 360 assessments.
  • Craft a leadership aptitude growth plan based on leadership assessment results.

Higher Education Executive Coach: Rising Stars & Aspiring Leaders

  • Evaluate current experience to craft a path to the next career challenge.
  • Build executive presence.
  • Identify performance strengths and resolve situational roadblocks to improve promotional opportunities.
  • Prepare for a first executive job search and experience.
  • Understand leadership strengths and possible derailers through 360 assessments.
  • Craft a leadership aptitude growth plan based on leadership assessment results.

Career Advisory Services focus on:

  • Practical, outcome-focused guidance and execution strategies to launch a confidential executive job search campaign.
  • Preparation and feedback for individual and panel interview sessions.
  • Executive job search tactics leveraging social media tools.
  • Professional portfolio (resume, curriculum vitae, LinkedIn profile) review and restructuring support.

Client Backgrounds:

Coaching clients represent a diverse cross-section of universities and colleges. Universities and colleges represented in my coaching practice include: UCLA, Penn State University,  Michigan State University, University of Georgia, Teachers College Columbia University, Emory University, Oregon State University, Auburn University, Vanderbilt University, University of Nebraska, Bryn Mawr College, Pepperdine University, University of California at Santa Barbara, University of California at Santa Cruz, California State University at Fresno, Swarthmore College, Villanova University, Scripps Institute, National Science Foundation, and Bellevue College.

Coaching clients are leaders and aspiring leaders with academic, administrative, technology, and research backgrounds. Job roles include: provosts, vice presidents, deans, department chairs, CIOs, DCIOs, CISOs, directors (academic and administrative), faculty, and research scientists leading centers of excellence. 

Individual career advisory services are confidential. References available upon request.

Ready to start a conversation about your career? Contact Dianna at [email protected]