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    Higher Education Executive Coach Series: Action Steps for Leadership Readiness & Emotional Intelligence Assessment

    This is the first post in the “Higher Education Executive Coach” series for academic, administrative, and technology leaders as well as aspiring leaders. January always brings new energy. We crave fresh perspectives on many things, including – of course – our career trajectory. Higher Education is ripe with career opportunities for academic, administrative, and technology leaders seeking... 

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    Coaching Tomorrow’s Academic Leaders: Career Pathways in Higher Education

    Have you spent most of your career as a faculty member, researcher, or scholar in a university or college setting? Are you thinking about possible career paths in academic or university leadership? Advancement to leadership in higher education can be a bumpy transition. An executive coach with an expertise in working with academic leaders and faculty aspiring to make a change may lessen the difficulty... 

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    The Path to IT Leadership in Higher Education: Are You Ready?

    If you keep up on the latest technology news related to universities and colleges or you’ve attended EDUCAUSE events in the last few years then you know that in the next 3- 5 years, 50% or more CIOs will be retiring. For aspiring technology leaders – this is a favorable time to contemplate how to seize this opportunity and reflect on your path to a leadership role. What are the considerations... 

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    What Swimming From Alcatraz to San Francisco Taught Me About Higher Education Consulting

    Generally, I write about strategic planning or operations improvement in higher education.  Last month, however, I swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco.  At first I didn’t know that setting this personal goal and the hours of swimming in the ocean as I trained for the event had any connection to my professional pursuits. I was wrong. After the event, I saw how my personal passion for... 

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