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    How to Prepare for the Executive Search Interview Process: A Guide for Higher Education Leaders

    How do you strategically prepare for a higher education executive search interview process? The executive search process in higher education is more rigorous than many people expect. If you’re applying for a Deanship, Provost, CIO, or VP position, you’ll need an impeccable CV or resume. You’ll also need exceptional interviewing skills. Universities and colleges take great care in hiring, especially... 

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    Essential Actions for Professional Development & Career Growth Planning for Leaders in Higher Education

    Neglecting your professional development and career growth planning? As a leader in higher education, you spend forty hours or more at work each week devoted to being excellent at your job. You attend to critical tasks, build teams, and execute much-needed changes that ensure that the department or organization you lead thrives. You pride yourself on achieving superior results as a leader, but are... 

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    3 Pillars of Executive Presence for Higher Education Leaders

    Whether you realize it or not, your executive presence as a leader in higher education is extremely important. In fact, your executive presence will likely determine how successful you’ll be in your leadership career. I specialize in helping higher education leaders develop a strong executive presence.  Let’s walk through the three pillars of executive presence and how you can enhance your... 

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    Why Responsive Communication Skills Are So Important for Higher Education Leaders

    It’s a fact: Leaders who are the most successful in higher education environments possess exceptional communication skills. In my more than 20 years as an Executive Coach for higher education leaders, I’ve coached hundreds of professionals on how to improve their communication effectiveness. One of the most important steps you can take to improve your skills is to master the power of responsive... 

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