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Each higher education institution is unique, so too, is each consulting engagement. Below are sample engagements where Dianna has worked to identify and conquer complex business issues.

Higher Education

Strategic Planning

Developed a strategic plan for a National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated Cancer Center. Initial data collection activities included conducting focus groups, individual interviews with key stakeholders, and external peer institution research. Data from these activities were synthesized to identify organization strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This process resulted in understanding issues, opportunities and trends to guide developing the vision, goals and key strategic initiatives during an offsite retreat. The results of the retreat informed developing a strategic plan with goals, initiatives and an implementation plan.

Organization Improvement & Technology Integration

Designed and managed an innovative technology solutions development and deployment model for a 34 community college system. This engagement included leading an assessment to develop a vision to guide the central IT organization to align the technology environments with student needs. Successes included completion in six months of three multifaceted solutions ready for deployment across the system, a scalable and transparent program management methodology and infrastructure, and a quick-start project launch plan that incorporates participation across a multi-community college system.

High Tech

Professional Services Delivery Transformation

Worked with a Service as a Software (SaaS) technology company to create a new program management model to develop and deploy enterprise software development projects. The redesigned project management model for the global professional services organization included improving process hand-offs between customer, business architects and technology development teams. The project management model was deployed in offices located in the US, Europe and India. In addition, operation improvement and change management strategies were developed to increase adoption of the new project management framework, decrease software development project timelines and ultimately reduce product delivery costs.

Customer Perception Audit & Customer Engagement Strategy

Conducted a customer perception audit for a product marketing research firm to develop recommendations to capitalize on customer successes to expand service offerings. The goals for the audit included assessing customer loyalty and perceptions, strengths and weaknesses of services. Data collection included conducting a series of individual interviews with leadership and other key internal stakeholders. In addition, an online survey was designed and deployed to almost 2000 participants to four different customer segments. Post-survey interviews were conducted to validate findings. The customer perception audit resulted in developing three strategic priorities to transform current service offerings.

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